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Welcome, Fair Faa Ye, Failte

Welcome, Fair Faa Ye, and Failte to the Ulster Heritage website, home of All Things Ulster. Here you will find information about Ulster genealogy, families, clans, history and culture. This is the place to renew one’s Ulster roots and to meet other Ulster folk. This is also the home of the Ulster Heritage DNA Project where many descendants of Ulster Folk throughout the Diaspora are using DNA testing to recover their family history and to locate lost cousins.

Ulster Heritage will be growing! We will be adding articles on family history, aspects of Ulster culture such as food and drink, the Fairy folk, Ulster’s rich and ancient history, her ties to the Hebrides and Argyll, etc. Our readers, we hope will visit often! We, also, urge readers to submit articles or photographs.

Speakers of Gaelic and Ulster Scots are particularly urged to submit articles, as one of the goals of Ulster Heritage is pro-active encouragement of our living Ulster heritage and culture.

The links and advertisements on the site all have relevance to Ulster. We have personal experience with the businesses that advertise on our website. We can assure our readers they are worthy of having a look.

Ulster Heritage is the work of Barry R. McCain and Jim McKane, two men of Ulster ancestry. Barry’s people left county Antrim circa 1720 and Jim’s left northern Tyrone in the 1830s. The two men were early participants in the Ulster Heritage DNA Project and discovered they were cousins! Both men are available for seminars and speaking engagements and their contact data is available from the links. Barry lives in Oxford, Mississippi and is one of the well-known Mississippi McCains. Jim lives in Ontario, Canada, is a noted Moose hunter and kinsmen to the also well-known, New Brunswick McCains.

Enjoy your visit here, come back often, and feel free to contact us with your suggestions and comments.

Prints & Posters

Prints & Posters

Beautiful prints and posters of Ulster - excellent quality at reasonable prices.


Recipes & Foods

Brachán - Porridge Brioscarái - Shortbread Fadge - Potato Bread
Toffee - Yellowman

These are just four of our traditional Ulster Recipes
for your enjoyment!
click here for more.....


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